A Dragon’s Rebirth

The Withering Realms is a world in turmoil. While the mage and human factions vie for the upper hand over one another in a generations long conflict, the Draconian, a species of dragon shifters, fight to balance the world.

Kio Rongaven is one such Draconian. He’s spent years working as a liaison for the humans, hoping to quell the mage’s rise in power that’s led his people into hiding. He thought he was ready for anything, but a feisty princess with too many questions is not something he prepared for.

Princess Liara Mondiere has spent her entire life learning how to be the face of her royal family. When she’s forced into a world of magic and danger hiding right under her nose, is she prepared to do what it takes to stay alive? The mages are coming. Can she help stop them?

A Dragon’s Vision

The Draconian are no longer hiding. Now, they are ready to fight.

Liara Mondiere’s entire world has upturned. She’s come to terms with the draco that shares her mind and body, though the rumors of her identity are growing harder to ignore. Her newfound people look to her as a beacon of light, a legendary force able to fix everything. As much as she wants to help, Liara isn’t ready to let go of the past and harness the power offered to her. Can she learn to wield something so iconic to the Draconian people?

Tyrone has watched Liara grow into a strong Draconian. In the process he’s done the one thing he promised himself he’d never do again; care. He’s worked hard to build anonymity, but now it is getting in the way. Liara needs his help, of that he’s certain. He must find a way to not drag her down into something even more dark while trying to be her protector. Can he escape the shadows from his past before they swallow him, and Liara, whole?

Legend of the Draconian

Mending. Manipulation. Destruction. Three elements of life necessary for balance all represented by a powerful dragon. Their story began long before they reawakened.

Thousands of years ago, Mending lost her serene lifestyle thanks to the antics of her brothers. In a desperate attempt to keep the peace, Mending had to learn that it isn’t always fixing something that’s needed. Sometimes, you have to tear things apart.

Manipulation was losing control. His entire existence had been based around being the overseer, the master of his followers. After a devastating event, Manipulation was forced to accept that losing control might by the only way to save his life.

Destruction hasn’t always been so evil. His journey began as any other, innocent and full of good intentions. How did all of his plans go up in smoke, and who is to blame?

Who gave the ultimate sacrifice? Who created the Draconian?


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